2010 Vulcan® 1700 Nomad™
Reviewer: Anonymous
From: Ajax, Ontario, Canada
Date: 05/03/2012
Rider Height: 6' 0"
Rider Weight: 190
Miles/Hours: 1250 km
Overall Rating:
Specs: Cycle Nation of Canton Specs
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I Love The Cruise Control, But???

This bike is great. I bought it (2011 model) at the 2012 Toronto Motorcycle show in January. I took delivery in mid-March, and have ridden 1,250 kms. so far. It's a very nice, very comfortable bike. It's perfect ergonomics for me at 6'0". The windscreen at the lowest setting and there is no wind buffeting at all. It is lighter in handling than my 2003 1500 Nomad, but similar to the 2006 Harley Road King I owned for a while, and almost as good handling (except for limited lean angle - I've dragged the footboards several times on the pavement going around corners already) as the 1984 1200 Honda Goldwing I owned for 12 years. It has considerably more power that any of the others except for the Goldwing (which had 96 hp. and 87 ft/lbs. torgue if I remember correctly). It's got more power in stock form than my 2003 Nomad stock, and still more than the 2003 Nomad after I added the V&H pipes, custom air intake manifold and K&W air filter and a Dynajet Power Commander to the 2003. The Harley's power starts earlier in the revs (almost immediately you twist the throttle) and is more linear in feel the way it builds up. But eventually when the revs. get up on the 1700 Nomad, it finally pulls harder. But, you have to get the revs. up (probably to about 3500 rpm. - estimate for now) to feel a good satisfying burst of power. So I'm getting a tachometer installed so I can read when I'm in the best power RPM range in each gear. Maybe I'll even see what a set of V&H pipes or D&D pipes with modified air intake and Power Commander will do for this one. Cruise control was an option I was really looking forward to, and it worked great - for the first three times I used it. Then it just stopped working after that (at about the 200 km. mark). It's currently in the shop for its first warranty check, and hopefully it gets fixed under warranty (it should or I'm going to be mildly upset to say the least). Shifting is a bit clunky, but just like my Harley Road King was, but to me, it just feels like good solid quality. The Goldwing and 2003 Nomad shifted more with that snickety-snick feel to it which makes the transmission seem rather lightweight. There's no more noise on this bike than there was on any of the other three I mentioned above. Personally, I absolutely love every piece of the styling, looks and design of this bike. I just wish they had designed a slight more ground clearance on the lean angle to let it carve out the corners a little cleaner, because the frams give such a confident solid well controlled feel when cornering. Overall, I'd recommend this to anyone who is in the market for this kind of bike

Upgrades/Accessories:  Custom World International luggage rack special design for VN1700 (fits and looks perfect), highway pegs on the engine guards, cigarette lighter plug-in tapped into the battery terminals (but fused), second fused power take-off lead from under the seat to plug in my electric vest and gloves, mounting brackets for my hand held CB radio or Ipod or whatever. Will be purchasing a tachometer, aftermarket slip-on exhaust, custom right sided air intake manifold (if I can find one that fits) and K&W high-flow air filter, Power Commander V Fuel Injector module.

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